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     Black True 5mW green laster Pointer pen
    Black True 5mW green laster Pointer pen

    Tuo prezzo:EUR9.56
    Disponibilità: Disponibile
    La garanzia di rimborso fra 30 giorni

    In merito a qualsiasi problema Black True 5mW green laster Pointer pen,non esitare a contattarci!!

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    Full Manufacturer Warranty To Worldwide

    Customer Images

    Great for pointing objects from long distance, such as stars
    Visible green light beam in the dark
    Range in excess of 6,000 ft
    Power saving, compact and reliable
    Comes with batteries and a nice, solid gift box


    In some countries these laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal to own and/or use. Therefore, by purchasing
    these products YOU (the customer) accept all responsibly and liability to determine and fulfill the requirements and limitations of use or resale of these products in accordance with your country's laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also agree to include this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can also make an informed purchasing decision.
    (Thanks E.M. for providing this information)

    Max Output: <= 5mW
    Wave Length: 532nm
    Output wave: Continuous wave
    Class: Class 3B (update: the factory has confirmed this to be a genuine Samsung Laser Chip rated 3B)
    Power: 2 x AAA battery (now included in the gift box)
    Time to reach full laser strength: 0 to 60 seconds
    Comparison: About 2 times brighter than the 5mW green laser

    Length: 5.59 "
    Width: 0.51 "
    Weight: 1.98 oz

    Length: 9.0 cm
    Width: 1.3 cm
    Weight: 56.2 gram

    Usage Instructions:

    * Positive pole of the batteries must be installed upward, pointing away from the LED head, in order for this unit to work.

    Insert the two included AAA batteries, put on the battery cover, and you are good to go for this baby.


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