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    36W UV Gel Nail Curing Lamp Light Tube  Art Polish
    36W UV Gel Nail Curing Lamp Light Tube Art Polish

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    Availability: In Stock
    30 days money back guarantee

    Any questions on 36W UV Gel Nail Curing Lamp Light Tube Art Polish,welcome to contact us!

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    36W UV Gel Nail Curing Lamp Light Tube Art Polish

    UV Gel Nail Curing Tube Lamp Light

    Brand New 36 W UV Gel Curing Lamp, sell like hot cakes!
    Your close partner, makes your nails more beautiful and healthy! Light weight and small size, takes very little space!
    Hurry to get it with your friends!

  • Convenient to use
  • UV tube lamp can drying gel nails and Acrylics in seconds, curing nail designs.
  • UV radiation also can rapidly cleanning your nails, killing the residual bacteria, made your fingernails more healthy and beautiful.
  • The 4 x 9W Gel curing UV lamp provides the basic features you need and make it convenient for professional nail technicians
  • The automatic timing switch can control the UV curing time, that provides the chance for customers to do"self-service" and bring great convenience for professional nail technicians
  • Suitable for not only hands but also feet when the aluminium board been pulled out
  • Can be used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel etc
  • 4 UV tube lamps can be replaced.

  • Details as following table
    Tube Lamp Power: 4x 9W = 36W
    Size: 100mm x 220mmx 240mm
    Input Voltage: 220V-240V
    State: Timer switch (2 minutes) /switch on
    1. Plug in all four 9W UV fluorescent bulb into the lamp
    2. Connect the UV lamp to AC power (220V)
    3. Turn on the light by pressing the ON/OFF switch(black button) at the back of the UV lamp
    4.Press the start button (red) to open, if the red indicator is on, the UV lamp is ready to use
    5. If the red indicator is off , press the ON/OFF switch(black) ONCE to switch on the UV lamp

    Note: After the red light is off automatically, the timer will keep "on" state for only 1 minute when it was reopened, and the time will become shorter and shorter, that because the inside temperature has gradually risen and nails can be dried less than 2 minutes.

    1x UV Curing Lamp (Eur. Standard)

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